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Utilizing the best of technology, in a typical grade A panel, can generate over 400 watts of electrical power per hour when the suns brightest light hits the system, but even in shade todays solar panels can still generate acceptable levels of electrical power.

A 10-panel solar roof system can generate 4kW of power. The amount of electricity produced annually is determined by the orientation of the system (i.e. which way the panels face), if there is any shading and how sunny the location is. All important factors when determining the location of your Solar System. Modern systems can now produce accepted levels of performance on east/ west roofs.

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Why Solar Max is your supplier of choice

  • Bespoke roof design
  • Grade A Solar Panels
  • 20+ years life expectancy
  • Hassel Free Installation

Our assessor will advise you on the panel type most suitable for your solar system. We always recommend using Grade A panels which provide the best in performance and low degradation figures and carry a 20 year manufacturer backed warranty.

The roof system mounts are manufactured from aluminium and zinc alloys with a 50 year life expectancy. The mounting frame systems have the option of being fully integrated or mounted above exsiting roof tiles.

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