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Saving money on your energy bill starts here, with one of Yorkshires most innovatitve and progressive energy businesses, Solar Max Yorkshire Limited. Offering the complete turn-key service from household energy assessment, recommendations and implementation with a holistic approach to the solutions which are best suited to meet your lifestyle energy requirements.

Our Partners

Part of the Waxman Group, which has over 75 years of experience in distribution. Waxman’s warehouse is over 40,000 sq. ft. of dedicated space, meaning they can keep everything you need for your project onsite and available for a quick delivery in most instances. Subject to worldwide trading availability. The on-site training facility also provides hands on experience implementing the latest technology.

Our Carbon Statment

Carbon footprints estimate the total amount of greenhouse gases emitted during our daily lives. By investing in energy saving home solutions you are joining the green revolution and helping to do your part by reducing the impact of emmisions assosiated with day to day living. The average 4kW Solar System will save 900kg of carbon per year with a carbon pay back of 1.5 years

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