Home Heating

A complete range of infrared radiant heating offers the latest in modern space heating, ideal for the home environment. There is increasing market awareness of the benefits and superior levels of comfort that infrared radiant heating offers with quicker control response times.

The heating can run off electricity from renewable sources such as solar PV and have no maintenance requirements, saving on annual services costs. The range of infrared heating panels are compatible with thermostats and motion sensors ensuring you only pay for the heating that you need.

How it works

Convection heat is constantly battling the air in the room, and the best way to combat this is to insulate the space, closing doors and when ever possible windows.

The heating relies on the circulation of warm air, varying the temperature in the room as heated air rises to the ceiling as heavy cold air sinks to the floor.

The energy produced from Infrared heating panels is more responsive and there allows for greater controlability, heating objects and walls to radiate the heat out and heat the room.

Our Range

With over 50 years manufacturing experience from the Todmorden production site, the Infrared Heating Division has been established to take full advantage of the opportunity to manufacture a home heating panel here in the UK. Producing a range of Aluminium Panel Infrared Radiant Heaters which are stylish satin white, slim and manufactured in light weight aluminium.

IR350 – Made from premium components, the Aluminium panels are designed for either wall or ceiling installations to cover rooms up to 7 sq/mtrs.

IR800 – The most popular size of heater in the range covering from 8-12 sq/mtres of space with a neat satin finish that blends unobtrusively into the room.

solar panels graphic


Simple but clever, the solar iBoost diverts your excess solar electricity to heat your water via your existing immersion heater element.

Many domestic solar PV systems will generate more energy during the day than is used. This surplus energy is usually sent to the National Grid automatically so you may not even be aware that it’s going on.

The Solar iBoost+ interrupts this process, enabling you to use more of your free solar energy while you have it and reducing the amount you need to buy.

The iBoost Advantage

  • Simple to install
  • Maximising the use of the free solar energy generated at your property
  • Cutting the cost of heating your water
  • Reduced use of your boiler
  • Programmable timer
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