Battery Storage

Adding battery storage to your solar panel or microgeneration system enables you to store the energy. You can then use it when your systems aren’t producing as much or demand is higher than is being produced.

The most effective and economical way to utilise your own generated electrical power is to use it yourself. Using grid energy is typically around 29p per kWh (summer 2022), and with further increases on the way, selling your surplus supply back to the national grid only yields a return of between 3p to 7.5p per kWh, making it much more effective to use the energy you produce.

Energy Prodcution vs Comsumption

As energy production fluctuates throughout the day, batteries are the ideal solution. Charged up when the sun is at its peak or the household isn’t using all the energy produced.They are able to supply the energy that has been produced at the time of day when you need it.

Our Range

Alpha Batteries in most instances. They are one of the worlds leading specalist storage battery producers dealing in over 80 countries world wide. Manufacturing for both domestic and commerical battery storage, up to 100kWh per system. They have over 75,000 installations operating across the world in 2022.

Alpha ESS - Smile B3 System

Offering a fast responsive and uninterupted power supply. The 5 Kilowatt single phase hybrid inverter features an intelligent modular design with 24/7 monitoring both online and via the Alpha ESS app. The systems start with either a 2.9kW or 5.0kW battery and smart inverter system, but the system can then incoporate additional storage at a later stage with the purchase of an additional battery capacity, in 2.9kW or 5kW lithium battery units, which are simple and easy to install, potentially taking your domestic system upto 30kW.

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